‘Darkness, Light, Dreaming, Waking’: Launch Report

Last night saw the launch of Philip Trevelyan’s new monograph on his father, celebrated British painter and printmaker Julian Trevelyan (1910-1988). The event took place in the Fine Rooms at the Royal Academy of Arts on London’s Picadilly. The fabulous surroundings and the opportunity to see various works by Trevelyan, courtesy of Bohun Gallery, Henley-on-Thames, made the evening particularly special.

Julian Trevelyan Launch

We had soon sold all the books we had with us and guests happily queued to speak to Philip Trevelyan and have him sign their copies.

Julian Trevelyan Launch

Philip then spoke about the experience of writing Julian Trevelyan Picture Language before Mel Gooding, author of the book’s foreword, offered his thoughts on the art and the man behind it.

Julian Trevelyan Launch

We were reminded of the fascinating dialectic between darkness, light, dreaming and waking which unfolds in Julian Trevelyan’s work and, at least in part because of the artist’s political commitment, of the importance of the city and industrial spaces (the pit and the factory)  therein. To see more photographs of the launch, visit our Facebook page.

Julian Trevelyan Picture Language


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