Book of the Week: W. Barns-Graham: A Studio Life by Lynne Green

For many artists who live into their eighties and nineties, retirement isn’t an option. Unless the frailties of old age curtail it, the creative impulse continues, nourished perhaps by a sense of being free of external expectations and demands, and directed by years of experience. Painter and printmaker Wilhelmina Barns-Graham was born in Edinburgh in […]

Lund Humphries Landmarks – Henry Moore Sculpture and Drawings, with an Introduction by Herbert Read (1944)

Former Head of Collections and Exhibitions at The Henry Moore Foundation, David Mitchinson, describes the importance of the comprehensive book on Henry Moore’s work which was published by Lund Humphries in 1944. The triumvirate of sculptor Henry Moore, art historian Herbert Read and printer/publisher Peter Gregory was one based on friendship, Yorkshire, and mutual respect. Read had […]

The Outsider as Witness: Displaced Visions by Nissan Perez and Grim Glory by Ernestine Carter

In his Lund Humphries Landmark post on Ernestine Carter’s Grim Glory (1941), Antony Penrose describes the efforts of his mother, Lee Miller, and a number of other prominent photographers to raise US consciousness about the hardships and the horrors of the London Blitz. Miller, he explains, had come to the UK from New York in 1939, having begun […]